Towing Your Trailer

Towing Your Trailer

Rear Marking Plates

Rear marking plates may be fitted to the back of a caravan or trailer if the combined length of the towing vehicle and trailer is 7.5 metres in length or longer. However they are not compulsory.
ONLY vehicles with an overall length of 7.5 metres or longer are permitted to display A “DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE” sign on the caravan/trailer. This can be either a separate sign located on the left hand side or incorporated in the left hand side marking plate.

The whole marking plate is required to be visible and must be mounted not less than 400mm and not more than 1.5m (if not possible, 2m) above the ground.

The marking plate needs to be fitted on the rear, near vertical surface of the caravan/ trailer. They should not be bent to suit the contour of a non-flat mounting surface.

Marking plates must be made of approved retroreflective material; must not be obscured by other parts of the vehicle, load or tarpaulins and be kept in good condition.