Regular maintenance of your vehicle and trailer is essential for safe towing. Have them checked regularly to ensure they are in a safe and roadworthy condition.

The trailer’s wheel bearings, suspension and brakes must all be in good working order and tyres must be properly inflated. It is a good idea to take some of the mass off your trailer’s springs and tyres if it is going to be stationary for an extended period of time. The best way to do this is by placing blocks under the chassis behind the wheels and under the point where the A-frame attaches to the chassis. By using a proper approved jack to raise and lower the trailer, this can be achieved quite easily.

Gas cylinders and LPG regulators should also be checked regularly by a qualified person. For example, if left out in the open, your regulator may have been affected by water. If this is the case, it needs to be drained and cleaned thoroughly to prevent corrosion, which will prevent it from working properly. Check that all hoses and pipes are securely connected and also check the date stamp on your cylinders, which must be regularly checked for service life expiry at a certified gas cylinder testing station.

It is illegal to fill cylinders which are beyond their service life.

Make sure you do not obscure the number plate or any 12 Volt lighting.

If attaching items to the rear; do not overload as the balance and tow-ability of the trailer can be adversely affected. The whole caravan could be out of balance, affecting stability and potentially over-stressing the chassis. This will also change the dimensions of the trailer which may mean that:

  • It exceeds the overhang allowed past the rear axle
  • It exceeds the overall allowable length of the tow vehicle/trailer